Yamaha RS Vector Spark Plugs

The Yamaha RS Vector snowmobile spark plugs are a device for igniting the explosive mixture of air and fuel in an internal combustion engine. The Yamaha RS Vector sled is a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC 3-cylinder engine.

Spark plug specifications

Spark plug:
Tightening Torque
Number of spark plugs

0.7 ~ 0.8 mm (0.028 ~ 0.031 in)
13 Nm (1.3 m
· kg) 9.4 ft · lb

Periodic Maintenance

Spark plug maintenance is the process of keeping the spark plugs in good condition to increase performance, improve fuel economy and extend the life of the motor. The spark plugs must be inspected, adjusted or replaced every season or 3,200 km (2,000 miles) (160 hours), whichever comes first.

Item Remarks Time Intervals
Spark plugs 1. Check condition.
2. Clean and adjust gap.
3. Replace if necessary.
Every season or 3,2000 km (2,000 mi) (160 hr)

Spark Plug Service

  1. Remove:
    • Take off spark plug caps
    • Remove spark plugs
  2. Inspection:
    • Check spark plug electrodes (1)
      What should the gap be on my spark plugs
    • A light to medium tan plug insulator color indicates normal conditions
    • Replace worn or damaged plugs
    • Check insulator color (2)
  3. Measure:
    • Measure spark plug gap thickness (a)
    • Regap plug if out of specification
    • Use a wire thickness gauge to measure or regap
  4. Clean:
    • Clean spark plug if necessary
    • Use a spark plug cleaner when possible
  5. Install:
    • Put spark plugs in plug holes
    • Finger-tighten (a) before torquing (b) with a wrench to avoid cross-threading
      How to change Yamaha RS Vector Spark plugs
    • Torque to factory specification, refer to spark plug specifications

Troubleshooting Weak or No Spark

Possible Cause Remedy
Faulty ignition or main fuse Replace if necessary
Discharged or faulty battery Charge and/or replace battery
Measure spark plug gap Replace or regap spark plug
Inspect the ignition spark gap Replace the ignition coil if necessary
Test ignition coil resistance Replace ignition coil if necessary
Check ignition coil resistance Replace ignition coil if out of specification
Check main switch, motor stop switch or throttle switch If faulty replace the main switch and or right handlebar switch
Check for a faulty throttle position sensor Replace if defective
Check ignition system wiring Reconnect bad connections or repair damaged wiring

This Information is Compatible With The Following Models

YearModel NameMarketing Name
2005RS90KRS Vector
2005RS90MKRS Vector Mountain
2005RS90RKRS Vector ER
2005RSG90KRS Rage
2005RST90KRS Venture
2006RS90MLVector Mountain
2006RS90RLVector ER
2006RST90LRS Venture
2007RS90MWVector Mountain
2007RS90RWVector ER
2008RST90XRRS Venture
2009RST90YSRS Venture
2010RST90ZSRS Venture



Yamaha, ‘Factory Service Manual’ (2005-2010). Specifications, Maintenance, Service Procedures, Pg. 18, 20, 356, 373.


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