DOWNLOAD Yamaha Outboard Repair Manual 1982-2015 Models

Yamaha Outboard Repair Manual

A downloadable Yamaha outboard repair manual, also termed service manual, is a digitally delivered book of factory service information that is transferred from one computer to another computer via Internet. The information in the handbook consists of product specifications pertaining to the outboard motor. It also contains maintenance schedules, troubleshooting guides, step-by-step repair procedures, wiring diagrams and more. It’s possible to download a Yamaha outboard repair manual straight to your computer in seconds.

For reference, there are many types of repair manuals but all of them are similar in nature. For example, there is a repair manual, factory service manual or OEM manual and a workshop manual. This article will discuss the difference between them. And links are provided so that you can download a Yamaha outboard repair manual straight to your computer in seconds.

Yamaha Factory Service Manual


An original factory manual is your best option when it comes to a book. The strength of the factory manual is that it is produced by the same people who built your Yamaha outboard boat motor, and presumably know it best. However, the factory manuals assume a degree of mechanical aptitude. Some procedures which the average shade-tree mechanic might find challenging may not be covered in the same linear, detailed fashion as a repair manual or workshop manual. If you’re not confident in your mechanical ability, a repair manual or workshop manual is a better choice. Like the repair manual or workshop books, a factory manual covers complete teardown and re-assembly procedures. If an aftermarket book is not available a factory book may be your only option.

Whichever book you choose don’t underestimate the importance of a factory service manual. You’ll need it to properly service your outboard and to help you enjoy the experience of owning a boat. Another positive feature of the factory service manual is they can be downloaded instantly and are dirt cheap. A Yamaha service manual covers every aspect of repair.

Yamaha Outboard Repair Manual

If you’ve driven a boat for any length of time you’ve no doubt heard of repair manual or aftermarket manual. These types of manuals are usually not downloadable and must be special ordered online, taking up to a week or more to receive in the mail box. These paperback manuals are also very expensive.

A Yamaha outboard repair manual covers everything from basic maintenance to complete engine teardown and everything in between. Every manual includes information:

Table of Contents

  • General Information, Safety and Tools
  • Maintenance and Tune-up
  • Fuel System
  • Ignition and Electrical
  • Cooling and Lubrication
  • Powerhead
  • Lower Unit
  • Trim and Tilt (when applicable)
  • Remote Control
  • Hand Rewind Starter (when applicable)
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Master Index
  • And Much More

A Yamaha repair manual is based on a complete teardown of the boat engine that is being covered. Their thoroughness shows in the sheer size of the manuals, some of which exceed 700 pages. For reference, a factory service manual contains the same information, it’s just explained in less detail (in some instances).

Yamaha Outboard Workshop Manual

Yamaha outboard workshop manuals are the most common type of manuals. While they don’t cover as many models repair manuals, these types of books offer several benefits over the competition. While workshop manuals aren’t as big as repair manuals, they make up for it with a combination of excellent photography and an easy to follow manner. In addition, workshop manuals also produces a short write-up of each engine in the opening pages of the book which provides an entertaining education for owners. Finally, workshop manuals have a useful troubleshooting section that helps even a novice diagnose mechanical woes.

What’s the Best Type of Yamaha Repair Manual?

If you’re looking to fix your boat engine, no doubt you should own a factory service manual. It can be downloaded to your computer in seconds. You don’t need to wait a week or more to receive it in the mail—you get it instantly. You can use it to fix, maintain or completely overhaul the entire motor. It’s the same handbook dealership technicians use to fix your engine. You can download it to a smart phone, tablet or computer and print out pages you need or the entire book. It contains all the pictures, illustrations, diagrams you need to complete the repair job successfully.



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  1. I need a manual that can show me how to adjust the carburetor, clean it, and maybe even rebuild it…got one? My Yamaha motor is a 1994 25hp.

    • There are several manuals for your model. The manual covers 2-stroke, 4-stroke V4 and V6 (1, 2, 3, 4 cylinder) outboard motors manufactured between 1984 thru 1996. Here is a list of models covered:

      1984-1996 2 HP 1-Cylinder (43cc) 2-Stroke
      1995-1996 2 HP 1-Cylinder (50cc) 2-Stroke
      1985-1989 3 HP 1-Cylinder (70cc) 2-Stroke
      1990-1996 3 HP 1-Cylinder (70cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 4 HP 1-Cylinder (83cc) 2-Stroke
      1991-1996 4 HP 1-Cylinder (103cc) 2-Stroke
      1985-1996 5 HP 1-Cylinder (103cc) 2-Stroke
      1986-1996 6 HP 2-Cylinder (165cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 8 HP 2-Cylinder (165cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 9.9 HP 2-Cylinder (246cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 9.9 HP 2-Cylinder (232cc) 4-Stroke
      1984-1996 15 HP 2-Cylinder (246cc) 2-Stroke
      1992-1996 20 HP 2-Cylinder (395cc) 2-Stroke
      1994-1996 20 HP 2-Cylinder (430cc) 2-Stroke
      1988-1996 25 HP 2-Cylinder (395cc) 2-Stroke
      1990-1996 25 HP 2-Cylinder (430cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 25 HP 2-Cylinder (496cc) 2-Stroke
      1993-1996 25 HP 3-Cylinder (496cc) 2-Stroke
      1990-1996 28 Jet 3-Cylinder (698cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 30 HP 2-Cylinder (496cc) 2-Stroke
      1987-1996 30 HP 3-Cylinder (496cc) 2-Stroke
      1987-1996 35 Jet 3-Cylinder (698cc) 2-Stroke
      1989-1996 40 HP 2-Cylinder (592cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 40 HP 3-Cylinder (698cc) 2-Stroke
      1994-1996 45 HP 4-Cylinder (935cc) 4-Stroke
      1995-1996 48 HP 2-Cylinder (760cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 50 HP 3-Cylinder (698cc) 2-Stroke
      1994-1996 50 HP 3-Cylinder (849cc) 2-Stroke
      1995-1996 50 HP 4-Cylinder (935cc) 4-Stroke
      1988-1995 55 HP 2-Cylinder (760cc) 2-Stroke
      1991-1996 60 HP 3-Cylinder (849cc) 2-Stroke
      1987-1996 65 Jet 3-Cylinder (1140cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 70 HP 3-Cylinder (849cc) 2-Stroke
      1994-1996 75 HP 3-Cylinder (1140cc) 2-Stroke
      1994-1996 80 HP 3-Cylinder (1140cc) 2-Stroke
      1987-1996 80 Jet V4 (1730cc) 2-Stroke
      1989-1996 85 HP 3-Cylinder (1140cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 90 HP 3-Cylinder (1140cc) 2-Stroke
      1989-1996 105 Jet V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 115 HP V4 (1730cc) 2-Stroke
      1988-1996 130 HP V4 (1730cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 140 HP V4 (1730cc) 2-Stroke
      1987-1995 140 Jet V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 150 HP V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 175 HP V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1996 200 HP V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1984-1987 220 HP V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1994-1996 225 HP 76 deg. V6 (3130cc) 2-Stroke
      1987-1996 225 HP 90 deg. V6 (2596cc) 2-Stroke
      1990-1996 250 HP V6 (3130cc) 2-Stroke

      1997-2002 2hp Repair Manual
      2003-2006 2.5hp Repair Manual
      1997-2002 3hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 4hp Service Manual
      1996-2006 6hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 8hp Repair Manual
      1996-1998 9.9hp Workhop Manual
      1999-2000 9.9 hp Repair Manual
      2001-2004 9.9 hp Online Manual
      2005-2006 9.9hp Owners Manual
      1996-2006 15hp Repair Manual
      1996-1997 20hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 25hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 30hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 40hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 50hp Repair Manual
      2005-2006 50 hp F50F FT50G
      2005-2006 80hp 80 F80B
      2005-2006 100hp 100 F100D
      1996-2006 60hp Repair Manual
      2005-2006 60 hp F60C FT60D
      1996-2006 90hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 115hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 130hp Repair Manual
      1996-2006 150hp Repair Manual
      2004-2005 200hp 225hp 200 225 hp
      2008-2009 30hp F30 F40B
      2008-2009 30 hp F30AMHD, F30AEHT, F40BET, F40BED
      2008-2009 30hp F30AET, F40BMHD, F40BWHD, F40BWHT
      2010-2011 200 hp SHO VMAX Repair Manual
      2010-2011 225hp SHO VMAX Repair Manual
      2011-2012 225 hp F225F FL225F
      2011-2012-2013 250 hp F250D FL250D F250G FL250G
      2012-2013 200hp F200B FL200B
      2014-2015 Yamaha 200hp 200 hp
      2014-2015 Yamaha F200F FL200F F200FET FL200FET F200FETL
      2007-2008 Yamaha 350 hp F350 LF350 F350TR LF350TR
      2014-2015 Yamaha 300hp F300A FL300A
      2014-2015 Yamaha 350hp F350A FL350A
      2010-2011 250hp SHO VMAX Repair Manual

  2. Hi I have a 150hp Yamaha what I don’t know is what year it is I can’t find a serial number plate anywhere . The year is at best guess 85 – 90 is there another indentification mark I can use .
    I’m in New Zealand

  3. i need a service detail manual.
    1. To troubleshoot engine running problems, the egine is eazy to start and good at 1/4 throttle power after that when 3/4 throttle egine loose power and starts to vibrate, like choking….neeed advice,
    Alredy cleaned the carbs, new plugs, CDI is good, new coils ignitions, ADVICE PLEASE

  4. I hope you can help out, I need a repair manual for a 1994 40hp Yamaha 2cyl outboard, it goes on a pontoon boat…

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