Yamaha RS Venture Idles Rough (2005-2010)

Yamaha RS Venture idles rough refers to any snowmobile engine that has the following symptoms:

  • Poor performance at low speeds
  • Poor acceleration
  • Slow response to throttle
  • Engine tends to stall

Idles rough is when an internal combustion engine runs too slowly or erratically while out of gear or disconnected from a load. You may notice your Yamaha snowmobile runs uneven when in neutral or coming to a stop. Poor performance at slow speeds, acceleration problems, slow throttle response and a stalling engine are all conditions associated with rough idle.

Poor idling can occur because of a damaged pilot jet, misadjusted idle speed screw, defective valve seat, and for other reasons, such as damaged spark plugs. It’s important to fix a rough idle problem. It can reduce fuel economy, performance and lead to major engine problems. So take action now and fix it.

The best way to determine the cause of a bumpy or uneven idle is to troubleshoot components that would most likely cause irregular idle. Troubleshooting is a logical, systematic problems solving technique that is meant to trace and correct faults in the Yamaha Venture RS mechanical or electronic system.

This troubleshooting guide list the most common causes of rough idle.

Idles rough

Trouble Solution
Idle speed misadjusted Low-speed tuning. Adjust pilot screw and throttle stop screw on carburetor.

Yamaha RS Venture throttle stop screw
Throttle stop screw

Pilot screw location 2006 2007 2008 2009
Pilot screw
Damaged pilot screw Install a new pilot screw.
Blockage in bypass hole Remove blockage.
Pilot screw too loose or clogged
  • Take off the pilot screw, use compressed air to clean it, then install it.
  • Fully tighten pilot jet.
Air leaking into carburetor joint Fully tighten clamp screws on the carburetor joints.
Starter valve seat faulty Replace or clean starter valve seat.
Overflow Adjust fuel level.

As previously mentioned, poor performance at low speeds will often result in rough idle conditions. Poor mid-range performance can also be a result of loose or clogged pilot jet, or lean mixture.

Poor performance at normal speeds can be a result of overflow condition, loose or clogged main jet or blockage in air vent.

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