Dodge Dart Won’t Start

Dodge Dart won’t start refers to a front-wheel drive, four-door compact sedan engine that will not activate and begin to work. To diagnose a Dodge Dart that will not turn on and begin to run, identify the nature of the problem by examination of the symptoms.

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A no-start “symptom” often indicates the root cause. So if you pay attention to the symptom characteristics, you can pinpoint the problem (well, in most cases). The most common automotive won’t start symptoms include;

  • Engine cranks but won’t fire
  • Engine cranks slowly or not at all, rapid clicking noise

To determine the underlying cause of the starting problem, begin with basic troubleshooting steps. If you’ve already tried basic troubleshooting and it did not help you trace and correct the fault, diagnose it using advanced procedures.

Dodge Dart Won’t Start – Basics

Symptom Probable cause Corrective action
Engine cranks slowly or not at all. Starter solenoid might click rapidly. Battery terminal cables loose or corroded. Clean and tighten cables.
Car battery discharged. Recharge battery. Test battery with multimeter, 12.6 volts is required. Replace battery if necessary.
Loose starter motor terminal connection. Clean and tighten terminal cables.
Faulty starter motor or solenoid. Replace starter motor assembly.
Battery ground to body cable loose or corroded. Clean and tighten cable. Replace if necessary.
Battery won’t stay charged for more than a few days. Faulty battery. Replace battery.
Faulty alternator. Test alternator, replace if necessary.
Engine accessory belt worn or loose. Replace accessory belt.
Battery cables loose or corroded. Clean and tighten cables.
Short circuit draining battery. Use multimeter to test for parasitic draw.
Engine will not crank. Dead battery. Check if headlights illuminate or dim. Charge battery if necessary.
Loose or corroded battery connection. Clean and tighten connections at battery and starter.
Bad starter. Test starter, replace if necessary.
Faulty ignition switch. Test and replace ignition switch.
Engine cranks but won’t start. Ignition key broken. Start car with spare key.

If you hear a rapid clicking noise when trying to start your Dodge Dart, it is probably just a weak or dead battery, or a failing alternator. The clicking sound you hear is the starter motor solenoid switching on and off rapidly.

To fix this, jump-start the car or fully charge the battery. If the car will or won’t start after charging the battery, have your local auto parts store check it for free. Be certain to bring the battery back to the place where it was purchased, it might be under warranty.

If the auto parts store says the battery is good, but the battery dies a few days later, either the alternator is failing, the alternator belt is worn-out or loose, or there is a short circuit draining your battery. If the battery and starter are both good, and the car will not attempt to turn over, test the starter motor.

Most likely you’ve already got your Dodge Dart back up and running using the instructions above. If not, advanced testing and diagnostic procedures are necessary to trace and correct the starting issue.

Dodge Dart Will Not Start – Advanced Procedures

Possible cause Solution
Fuel pump defective. Test fuel pump and replace if necessary.
Engine timing incorrect. Determine if timing belt/chain skipped.
Broken timing belt (2013 1.4 turbo models). Check for broken timing belt.
Faulty coil(s) or control unit. Test and replace if necessary.
Cylinder compression pressure leakage. Perform cylinder compression pressure test.
Intake manifold leakage. Repair leak.
Seized engine. Determine the cause and repair.
Contaminated fuel system. Flush fuel system and clean fuel tank.

There can be other reasons why your Dodge Dart won’t start that aren’t listed here. We’ve written down what is most likely to be the cause of the starting problem. At this point you can hire a mechanic or invest in a code scanner to diagnose the problem for you.

Model, Year Application

This information is compatible with the following motor vehicles.
2013Dodge Dart• SXT
• Aero
• SE
• Limited
• Rallye
• 1.4L Turbo 16V
• 2.0L I4 4-Cyl.
• 2.4L I4 4-Cylinder
2014Dodge Dart• SE
• Limited
• GT
• Aero
• 1.4L Turbo
• 2.0L I4
• 2.4L I4
2015Dodge Dart• SE
• GT
• Aero
• Limited
• 1.4L Turbo
• 2.0L I4
• 2.4L I4
2016Dodge Dart• GT Sport Blacktop
• SXT Sport Rallye
• SXT Sport
• GT Sport
• SE
• Aero
• 1.4L Turbo
• 2.0L I4
• 2.4L I4



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2 thoughts on “Dodge Dart Won’t Start

  • November 19, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    My 2013 se would not start. I took the battery to AutoZone and it tested fine. So I took the starter out and had AutoZone run a bench test, it also tested fine. I put the starter back in and it started right up. I guess that’s why some people recommend you hit the starter with a rubber mallet or wood block. I replaced the starter anyway cuz that’s a sign the starter is going bad.

  • November 20, 2020 at 4:49 am

    When my 2015 dart wouldn’t start up I called the dealership and they told me it would cost $175 just to diagnose the starting problem and another $175 if the car needed a new battery. So I went and paid $135 dollars for a new battery. I installed it myself and it cranked up the first time I turned the key.


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