Subaru WRX Air Filter Replacement (2002-2012)

Subaru’s WRX line has long been an object of affection for enthusiasts who value the combination of speed, handling, and forward-leaning engineering and automotive design. The reliability and performance is dependent upon a dedicated attention to maintenance of the WRX’s premium components. In order to keep performance at its intended and designed peak, Subaru owners should monitor and maintain the air filtering system that will ensure a smooth running engine, but optimize fuel efficiency in the process. The most basic attention that needs to be paid to the air filtering system is replacement of the air filter itself.

To change a Subaru WRX air filter, lift the hood of the WRX to locate the air filter. You will find the unit on the left side of the engine bay encased within the air intake housing module. Uncover the filer by opening the air intake housing by way of the two clamps situated on the top of the module. Once the clamps are released and the module opened, the filter will be visible inside the unit.

Release the tension on the clamp holding the filter in place. Twist the filter itself to loosen it from the intake module then lift the air filter from its slot.

Replace the filter with a new filter by sliding the new unit into the air intake housing. Make sure the new filter is fully seated within the slot and twist it clockwise to fasten the filter in place. Replace the air filter clamp around the new filter and tighten it until the filter cannot be moved easily by hand. Close the air filter intake housing and reconnect the two clamps on the outside of the unit.

2009 thru 2012 models

For newer models (2009-2012) the WRX is fitted with a drop in filter. You can find and replace the filter by lifting the hood and locating the filter slot on the left side of the engine bay. Simply remove the binding clamps to free the old filter and droop in the new filter before reapplying the clamps.

A new filter will allow the air to pass more freely through the Subaru’s system to allow the engine to work more efficient A more efficient engine is more powerful, more fuel efficient, and runs cooler than an engine burdened by a clogged or restrained air filtrations system. The 2012 Subaru WRX maintenance schedule recommends replacing your vehicle’s air filter every 30 months or 30,000 miles.

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