DOWNLOAD JOHNSON Outboard Repair Manual 1965-2014

DOWNLOAD JOHNSON Outboard Repair Manual 1965-2014 Service Manual Workshop Manual

To begin with, a downloadable Johnson outboard repair manual, also termed factory service manual, refers to a digitally delivered book of repair instructions provided by the outboard motor manufacture. The handbook is intended to guide the mechanic in the process of fixing or restoring a boat motor to working order. Johnson outboard repair manuals cover every aspect of repair and it’s divided into several main sections. Below is a breakdown of information generally found in a Johnson outboard repair manual.


Table of Contents

A table of contents is the part of the repair manual that list the main chapters and it’s located at the beginning of the manual. Typical Johnson outboard repair manuals contain the following chapters:


  1. Introduction
  2. Service Specifications
  3. Maintenance
  4. Electrical
  5. Ignition System
  6. Fuel System
  7. Powerhead
  8. Midsection
  9. Gearcase
  10. Manual Starter (If Equipped)
  11. Electric Starter (If Equipped)
  12. Tilt And Steering
  13. Wire/House Routing
  14. Troubleshooting
  15. Safety

Nowadays there are paperback manuals and downloadable versions. Downloadable repair manuals are often more helpful because the table of contents contain clickable chapters and sub-chapters that navigate the user to the selected repair procedures with the click of the mouse.


The Johnson outboard repair manual introduction describes important information about the text that the reader should know about before proceeding to use the manual. The introduction will contain models covered in the manual, how to identify model and serial numbers, model designation, as well as information on how to use the repair manual.

Service Specifications

Service specifications describe or identify precise technical data and descriptions of the outboard motor. Some of the service specifications might include torque specifications, special tools required to perform a repair job properly, and shop aids.


A Johnson outboard maintenance section describes the process of maintaining the motor based on manufacture specifications. Maintenance information often includes:

  • Inspection and Maintenance Schedules
  • Anti-Corrosion Protection
  • Cooling System Maintenance
  • Fuel System Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Lubrication Maintenance
  • Spark Plug Maintenance
  • Valve Clearance Maintenance
  • Timing Belt Maintenance
  • Storage
  • Pre-Season Service
  • Submerged Engines
  • Repair Procedures

Repair Procedures

All Johnson outboard repair manuals contain step-by-step repair procedures so that the mechanic can establish the official way of servicing the outboard motor and restoring it to manufacture specifications. Depending on what’s being repaired, information might include:

  • Part Removal Procedures
  • Part Disassembly Procedures
  • Part Inspection Procedures
  • Part Cleaning Procedures
  • Part Repair Procedures
  • Part Assembly Procedures
  • Part Installation Procedures
  • Part Testing Procedures (If Applicable)

In most cases, repair procedures are accompanied with pictures, illustrations and labeled part breakdown diagrams to help the mechanic complete the repair job successfully.

Wiring And Hose Routing Diagrams

Complete hose routing and wiring diagrams are provided. Writing diagrams are usually black and white illustrations of specific parts and list wire colors and functions. Hose routing diagrams show intended routs which are especially helpful for mechanics performing complete engine overhaul.


The troubleshooting section of the Johnson outboard repair manual is critical for solving serious problems. Especially when the cause of the problem is not fully understood. Troubleshooting guides help the mechanic trace and correct faults in the Johnson outboard’s mechanical or electrical system. Using a troubleshooting guide can be a fast and effective way of pin-pointing a malfunction.


    • There are manuals for every model and year Johnson outboard, here’s a small list:

      2004-2005 9.9 HP Johnson
      1969-1970 115 HP Johnson
      1968-1972 85 HP Johnson
      1995-2001 115HP Johnson
      1966-1967 80 HP Johnson
      1994-2000 130 HP Johnson
      2000-2001 75HP Johnson
      1992-1994 185 HP Johnson
      1993-1998 100HP Johnson
      1992-2000 175 HP Johnson
      1990-1998 10hp Johnson
      1970-1971 60 HP Johnson
      1991-2001 2.3hp Johnson
      1992-2001 200 HP Johnson
      2007 15 HP Johnson
      1999-2001 250 HP Johnson
      1990-1991 14hp Johnson
      1968-1969 55 HP Johnson
      1990-2001 35hp Johnson
      1997-2001 105 HP Johnson Com
      1998-1992 250 HP Johnson
      2004 25 HP Johnson
      1993-2001 6hp Johnson
      1992-1995 65HP Johnson
      1995-2001 90HP Johnson
      1992-2001 2hp Johnson
      1971-1972 125 HP Johnson
      1971-1972 100 HP Johnson
      1964-1967 60 HP Johnson
      2000-2001 135 HP Johnson
      1990-1991 10 hp Johnson Comm
      1967-1968 100 HP Johnson
      1990-2001 5hp Johnson
      1998-2001 100HP Johnson
      2007 2.5 HP Johnson
      1960-1961 75 HP Johnson
      1992-1998 115HP Johnson
      1999-2001 225 HP Johnson
      2004 30 HP Johnson
      1992-1995 300 HP Johnson
      1992-1997 80HP Johnson
      2004 15 HP Johnson
      1992-2001 150 HP Johnson
      1992-1994 140 HP Johnson
      1990-1997 28hp Johnson
      2002-2004 9.9 hp Johnson
      1964-1965 90 HP Johnson
      1992-1996 88 HP Johnson
      1992-1996 85HP Johnson
      1990-1995 25 hp 25D Johnson
      1989-1990 1hp Johnson Colt/Junior
      2004-2005 15 HP Johnson
      1990-2001 40hp Johnson
      1990-2001 20hp Johnson
      1994-1997 15hp Johnson
      1993-2001 9.9hp Johnson
      1990-1993 6.5hp Johnson
      2007 24 HP Johnson
      2000-2001 3.5hp Johnson
      1968-1970 65 HP Johnson
      1994-1996 112HP Johnson
      1992-1994 120 HP Johnson
      1990-2001 25hp Johnson
      1992-2001 3.3hp Johnson
      2004 9.9 HP Johnson
      1958-1959 50 HP Johnson
      2003-2005 15hp Johnson
      1990-2001 8hp Johnson
      1990-2001 30hp Johnson
      1995-1997 18hp Jet Johnson
      2005 9.9 HP Johnso
      2007 9.9 HP Johnson
      2007 30 HP Johnson
      2002-2005 9.9 hp Johnson
      1990-1996 4hp Johnson Deluxe

    • I’m trying to find a repair manual for a Johnson J3RERE 3hp 2 stroke engine that covers the choke and fuel cut off assembly to the carburetor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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