Chrysler Town and Country Hesitates When Accelerating

Chrysler Town and Country hesitates when accelerating refers to when the minivan pauses momentarily when you step on the gas to move more quickly. The hesitation might feel like a temporary interruption when you press on the accelerator of an automobile.

Hesitation when accelerating can also be described as an engine that bogs down when you hit the gas pedal, meaning it takes a second or two before the minivan can pick up speed. The vehicle might even shutter or seem like it is going to stall before it can get-up-and-go.

Professional mechanics describe it as an engine that misses on acceleration. The good news: Based on the factory dealership service manual, there are only 5 things you should check if the Chrysler Town and Country hesitates when accelerating.

Engine Misses On Acceleration

Engine misses on acceleration 1. Spark plugs dirty or incorrectly gapped.

2. Ignition coil(s) faulty.

3. Dirty fuel injectors.

4. Fuel system contaminated with dirt, rust or water.

5. Burned, warped, or pitted valves.
1. Inspect, clean and gap spark plugs, refer to specifications.

2. Test or replace coil(s) if necessary.

3. Test, clean or replace fuel injectors if necessary.

4. Flush fuel system and clean fuel tank.

5. Replace valves.


Spark Plug Specifications

1998-2000 Town & Country models.
EnginePlug TypeGapThread Size
2.4LRC12YC50.048 to 0.05314mm (3/4 in.) reach
3.0LRN11YC40.039 to 0.04414mm (3/4 in.) reach
3.3LRN14PMP50.048 to 0.05314mm (3/4 in.) reach
3.8LRN14PMP50.048 to 0.05314mm (3/4 in.) reach
2001-2006 Town & Country models.
EnginePlug TypeGapThread Size
2.4LRE14MCC50.048 to 0.05314mm (1 in.) reach
3.3LRE14PLP50.048 to 0.05314mm (1 in.) reach
3.8LRE14PLP50.048 to 0.05314mm (1 in.) reach



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