Throttle Valve Cable Adjustment Dodge Ram 1998-2001

Adjusting the throttle valve cable, also referred to as the transmission throttle valve cable or throttle valve cable linkage, on the Dodge Ram is critical to proper operating. The throttle valve is responsible for controlling shift speed, part-throttle, quality of shift and downshift sensitivity.

If the cable is too tight, part throttle downshifts will be sensitive or delayed. If the throttle valve cable is too loose, slippage between shifts or early shifts may occur.

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The Dodge Ram’s transmission throttle valve is controlled by a cam on the throttle lever. The throttle lever is controlled by an adjustable cable. The adjustable cable is fixed to an arm mounted onto the throttle lever shaft.

A retaining clip is located at the engine-end side of the cable. When the retaining clip is removed, it provides the ability to adjust the cable. Once the retaining clip is reinstalled back onto the throttle valve cable, it locks in the set adjustment.

Throttle valve cable adjustment procedure

When the transmission throttle valve cable is properly adjusted, it should cause both the throttle lever on the transmission and the throttle body lever to move simultaneously from the idle position. When the throttle valve cable is adjusted correctly, it will allow simultaneous movement without allowing the transmission throttle lever to lag behind or more ahead of the lever on the throttle body.

  1. Turn the Dodge Ram ignition key switch to the OFF position.
  2. Remove the vehicle’s air cleaner.
  3. Take off cable end from the attachment stud. Be sure to take care when sliding the cable off the stud. Do not jerk or pry the cable off.
  4. Make sure the transmission cable throttle lever is fully in the closed position. Then verify the lever on the throttle body is at curb idle position.
  5. Pry the throttle valve cable locking clip, also referred to as the T.V. cable lock clip into the UP position and remove it. This will unlock the cable and allow for readjustment.
  6. Apply tension on the T.V. cable so as to remove any slack within the cable. If the T.V. cable is pulled too tight, it will cause the T.V. lever on the transmission to move out of the correct idle position, which will cause the T.V cable to be out of adjustment.
  7. Next, slide the sheath of the T.V. cable forward and backward until both the centerlines of the T.V. cable end and the throttle bell crank lever are perfectly aligned or within one millimeter (1mm).
  8. While holding the T.V. cable in the set position push the T.V. cable lock into the down position. This will lock the current T.V. cable in adjustment.
  9. Reattach the T.V. cable to the throttle bell crank lever.
  10. 10.Verify cable adjustment by making sure the lever on the throttle body and transmission lever move simultaneously.

It’s highly recommended to download the factory repair manual when preforming throttle valve cable adjustment procedures. Highly detailed illustrations, including complete step-by-step procedures are perfectly outlined in the manual. The repair manual can be downloaded from this website.

These throttle valve adjustment procedures apply to 1998 1999 2000 2001, 1500 2500 3500 Dodge Ram models with the 3.9 L V6, 5.2 L V8, 5.9 L V8 magnum and 5.9 L I6 Cummins turbo diesel engines.

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