Chrysler Town and Country Won’t Start

A Chrysler Town and Country minivan that won’t start refers to when the internal-combustion engine will not activate and begin to work.

A Town and Country van that won’t turn on and start running can have numerous symptoms, and often the symptom indicates the problem. Common Chrysler Town and Country no-start symptoms include:

  • Town and Country won’t start, clicking noise
  • Town and Country will not crank but lights turn on
  • Town and Country no crank/no start
  • Town and Country cranks but will not start
  • Town and Country intermittent no-start

There could be dozens of reasons why your Chrysler Town & Country minivan will not start and begin operating. We’ve listed the most common no-start symptoms as well as their cause and remedy.

Chrysler Town And Country Won’t Start, Clicking Noise

Note: Download the Free Town & Country Factory Repair Manual

Town and Country won’t start ‘clicking noise’ refers to when the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine does not rotate or momentarily turns, and then a fast clicking noise is heard when you turn the ignition key.

This usually means the battery is weak or defective, alternator is dead, or the battery terminal cables are loose or corroded.

Symptom Cause Remedy
Engine won’t start, clicking noise. Weak battery. Recharge.
Defective battery. Test battery, replace as necessary.
Loose or corroded cable connections. Clean and tighten battery terminals. Be certain starter cables are not loose.
Faulty alternator, not charging battery. Bench test alternator, replace as necessary.

Chrysler Town And Country Will Not Crank But Lights Turn On

If the minivan interior and exterior lights switch on but the engine will not turn over or crank at all, it’s a sign of a weak battery, faulty starter, alternator or a bad cable connection. Before you randomly start replacing parts, which can get costly, test the part.

Bring the battery to your local auto part store and get it tested. They can even recharge it free. They can also test the alternator and starter without cost to you.

Symptom Cause Remedy
Minivan will not crank but lights turn on. Low battery voltage. Charge battery.
Loose or corroded cable connection. Clean and tighten connections at battery and starter.
Faulty starter. Test and replace starter as necessary.
Faulty ignition switch. Inspect, test ignition switch.
Fuses, fusible links. Check and repair as necessary.

Chrysler Town And Country No Crank, No Start

Chrysler Town & Country no crank, no start means that when you turn the key, nothing happens. In other words, the engine does not turn over. Maybe you hear a click, maybe the headlights are dim or the lights on the dash go off when you turn the key, or maybe absolutely nothing happens at all.

Symptom Cause Remedy
No crank, no start. Discharged battery. Charge battery.
Battery connection loose or corroded. Clean and tighten connections.
Loose starter connection. Be certain starter electrical connection is firm.
Faulty starter. Tap starter with hammer. Test starter and replace as necessary.
Fuses. Look for a blown interior or engine bay fuse.
Engine seized mechanical damage. Check for oil on dipstick, if none, engine seized. Attempt to rotate the crankshaft. Repair or replace as necessary.

Chrysler Town And Country Cranks But Will Not Start

A minivan that cranks but won’t start can have many possible causes, we will focus on the most likely problem source. Engine “cranks” mean the starter is engaging the flywheel and the flywheel is turning the crankshaft.

If the engine cranks slowly, stop what you are doing and charge the battery. Although, a charged battery can still be defective and incapable of starting the motor.

Symptom Cause Remedy
Van cranks but won’t start No gas. Fill gas tank.
No spark. Check for spark using a park tester. Check coils and plug wires.
Weak spark. Check for warn, damaged spark plugs. Adjust spark plug gap to factory spec.
No fuel pressure. Connect fuel gauge to fuel rail and check pressure.
No power to fuel pump. Check fuel pump power and ground wire connections.
Bad fuel pump. Replace fuel pump.
Faulty crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor. Test, check CKP and CMP sensor, replace if necessary.

Chrysler Town & Country Intermittent No Start

Intermittent no start refers to when the vehicle turns over and starts at irregular intervals. Meaning sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t.

Symptom Cause Remedy
Minivan intermittent no start. Corroded or loose battery terminal cables. Clean and tighten cables.
Loose starter wire connection. Be certain wire connections are firm.
Failing starter. Test or replace starter as necessary.
Broken ignition key or keyless remote. Use spare key to start minivan.
Faulty ignition switch. Repair or replace.
Faulty neutral switch (check engine light) Replace neutral switch.

It can be frustrating when your Chrysler Town and Country won’t start up and run, but in most cases it’s an easy fix.

Pay attention to the vehicle symptoms. Then look at this troubleshooting chart for the most likely problem source. In most cases, it’s just a bad battery, alternator or starter, or a bad electrical connection.

Model, Year Application

This Chrysler Town & Country no-start information is applicable to the following year, model minivans.
2001Chrysler Town & CountryLX, LXi, EL, EX3.3L 3.8L
2002Chrysler Town & CountryEL, Limited, LX3.3L 3.8L
2003Chrysler Town & CountryEL, Limited, LX3.3L 3.8L
2004Chrysler Town & CountryAll3.3L 3.8L
2005Chrysler Town & CountryAll3.3L 3.8L
2006Chrysler Town & CountryLL3.3L 3.8L
2007Chrysler Town & CountryALL3.3 L 3.8 L

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